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Working Model

  • Learning Enhancement  Classes for 1st to 8th standard children.
  • Youth Training-Skills for Employability
  • Computer Aided Learning and Digital Literacy Programme for students and youth
  • Library Programme for improving reading habit of children. 
Need:- why are we working
  • In the last decade, efforts have been made by the government to universalize access to elementary education. However the pre –school enrollment and primary learning levels are still matter of great concern. Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2014 data reveals that in Rajasthan:
    • Only 37% children of age 3 are enrolled for pre- school education.
    • Only 53% children of standard 5 are able to read grade II text.

    In Jaipur there are so many private & government schools are running but quality education issue is still there. This develops demands of coaching after schools hours.   Private coaching institution are running for business purpose only and they are charging minimum 400-500 Rs. Per month.  Financially poor families are unable to pay this amount so there is need of learning centers that can provide quality education at nominal cost for such needy students.   

  • Method :Digital Learning Center
    Approach:- Organization has setup a Digital CLC in needy area. The prime objective of this centre is to provide a platform for learning without any barriers. We use computers, TV, and Educational software designed by different organizations for improving leaning levels of children. 
  • Learning Enhancement Classes:- The learning support classes conducted in
    the centre for the age group 6-14 years children. The Objective of these classes is
    to improve learning levels of Children with supplementary Help using Self Learning
    Material. We focus on Science, Math & English Subjects.


  • Youth Training : Provide job oriented skills training options in IT enable & Retail services, with soft skill and workplace leadership that prepare youths with limited education to stay productive and completive in the marketplace.


  • Computer Literacy Courses:- 
    Computer Classes:- There are  many private schools but they have no proper computer education programme.  Most of the children from these schools are from financially poor families. Many of them cannot pay high tuition amount for learning computer there for Aagaz CLC providing computer classes to schools students and job oriented courses to youth for getting IT enable job services.
  • Computer Aided Learning (CAL)program aims to provide school going children from 6-9 age groups with quality computer aided education. The program focuses on providing the less privileged children with access to IT.
  • Digital Literacy and Life Skill (DLLS)program is basically aimed at instilling IT education in secondary and higher secondary school going children from 10-15 age group and youth. This programme provides job oriented computer learning platform. After completing this programme student will get better opportunities in computer field they can opt this programme as professional teacher, and able to work in many other field related to computer. 
  • Library Programme for 6-14 Age group children:-Reading stories using story cards and the library books, Storytelling with puppets or story cards, Story book making which is done  by the children on their own